Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Vigilante justice" poll

Do you support vigilante justice?




I am surprised at the results. I would like to know what criteria would be used in decision making for the two that voted "sometimes". It seems undeceive. And the one that voted "yes" may have developed a distrust for the judicial system. After all, most of mankind is civil and governed by a functioning set of laws and jurisprudence. It isn't always perfect and expresses the will of the majority to enforce laws and distribute justice. There is no place in a civilized society for the likes of a Mike Hammer, Dirty Harry, or modes of a Charles Bronson--that's entertainment and is meant to expiate the frustrations we experience for those that somehow escape the judicial system or deploy extreme harm [violent or non-violent]. What was the gut reaction when we discovered the cupidity Enron players or Bernie Madoff--string 'em up. For one individual interpreting an event and passing judgement is ancient and crude ["eye for an eye and tooth for tooth"]. Even if "vigilante justice" were periodic, it is still wrong.

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