Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Physics Central Toy Box Physics Video Contest

I was beginning to worry for the winners' posting was scheduled four days ago. But now the information and videos are available for viewing...and voting. I was not aware that the winners were to be selected by readers of the website. Check them out...some are quite good. I assume that only one vote can be cast.

Here's you chance to cast your vote for the viewers choice award. Vote before midnight on Tuesday June 16th!

Watch the 10 videos that have made it to the semi-finals and vote for your favorite below! The viewer's choice will win some of our favorite physics toys!

Physics Central Toy Box Physics Video Contest


Anonymous said...

Watch the video "Extreme Physics" - it's a winner!
Thanks Toy Box Physics for sponsoring the contest - great way to gear up interest in Physics!

Mercury said...

All are quite good and address physics' principles and I must cast a vote for Archemedes' "Chocolate Fountain".

It appears that only one vote can be cast. I would like to have seen a current tally of the votes displayed.

Timothy said...

fascinating my dear Watson.....very good and fun to see some good instead of the dreary daily drudge....congrats to them all